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Hey! How you doin'?

I am Mary Tischbein, a/k/a Long Island Mary, a/k/a Mare, and I'm a stand-up comedian.

I look familiar, but you can't quite remember where you have seen me before, can you?

Well, it might have been at Walgreens, or at the mall, or a comedy show...or maybe you've seen me on The News Remixed on Fox 35 TV in Orlando, Florida.

That's a funny new political/news/humor segment I am featured on with some other funny folk. It takes a twisted look at today's top news stories.

Can't get Orlando TV on your TV, ipad or smart phone? Well now you can watch it right here!

Just click the news remixed link on the left. Or you can go to the station's website!

Just click on the photo to go to the live streaming link.



People say to me:  

Hey Mare! Where did your funny come from? 

That's an easy one: my incredible parents. 

Dad was the funniest guy in the room,

and Mom was dropping drive-by comedy gems in the kitchen. 

I learned from the best. 

Everything good that I do, I fully dedicate to them.




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